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Palladium Accounting Software

Reasons to use


Here are just some reasons why Palladium is the fastest growing accounting software in South Africa.

1.     Money-Back Guarantee

Palladium is the only company in the World that offers a money-back guarantee against data corruption.

2.     Embedded Business Intelligence

We offer embedded Business Intelligence in all our product offerings at no additional charge allowing clients to analyse data in a 3-dimentional drag and drop basis.

3.     Microsoft Certified Software

Palladium’s software is Microsoft certified having undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal compatibility with today’s operating systems. 

4.     As-At Reporting

Our As-At reporting allows you to run all your reports at any date in history, from Customer Aging, Inventory Valuation Reports, Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

5.     Complete Transactional History ForLife 

Palladium stores all Information for Life allowing you to generate all your financial and transactional reports since business inception, alleviating the need to go back and forth across copy or backup companies.

6.     Dynamic Database Connectivity with Embedded VPN.

Our Dynamic database connectivity feature means  that  Palladium doesn’t retain a  fixed connection to  the  database  when  you are  not  transacting, and is not  susceptible to  power  surges or fluctuations like other accounting software packages, alleviating the need to re-login or reboot your terminal.

7.     Guaranteed Lowest Cost of Ownership

Our solid stability means   that   your  business maintains  maximum  up-time  all the  time.  No data  corruptions  means  no downtime resulting in no  additional  consulting  costs,  no  lost staff productivity  and  no  theft   or  duplicate   costs from switching to and from manual systems.

8.     Increase your Turnover With Our Upsell Features*

Our Upsell Function allows you to set items as Upsell or related to another item in order to maximise your turnover. View Upsell Items Manually or automatically as screen pop-ups.

9.     Create “Freehand” Quotes* 

Create quotes for current or prospective customers with any standard or nonstandard goods or services while managing mark-ups and defining preferred suppliers.

10.  Unsurpassed Financial Reporting

Palladium offers unsurpassed financial reporting with Main and Sub Accounts, Departments and up to 5 levels of Cost Centres, offering extensive flexibility. This is enhanced more using the Projects functionality.

11.  Credit Note Authorisations*

Create   credit    request     forms    and    ensure the appropriate management approval for all credit notes processed.

12.  Financial Budgeting and Targets/ Forecasts Throughout*

Budget in all facets of the application  including GL, Departments/Branches, Profit Centres, Customers, Suppliers, Projects and even Inventory and  Service Items, affording  you the  ability to measure  the performance throughout.

13.  Multi-Warehousing and Distribution* 

Manage from sales  order  through to  packing  slips and even containers  and Vehicles for consolidated deliveries. Manage an unlimited  number  of warehouses with settings for  Standard, Repair or In-Transit Warehouses.

14.  Project Cost Tracking and Budgeting*

Track t h e revenue  and costs of various projects and  include all project  info  from bids, to progress  payments  and even attach  all communication and tender  documents. Also budget by item with Costs/Revenue and Quantity.

15.  Adjust Documents Securely

Adjust all documents with full user security, complete general transactional integrity and document user-audit trail amendment reports for completeness.

16.  User-Definable Fields Throughout*

Palladium make use of user-definable fields throughout the system from the General Ledger, Customers, Suppliers, Projects and Inventory masterfiles with the only product to offer this at document and document line level as well.

17.  Copy Sales and Purchase History on All Processing Documents*

View Customer and Supplier History at time of sale with the ability to copy the last order or selected items from multiple documents.

18.  Manufacturing

Manufacture or dis-assemble items with additional costs with the ability to manufacture multiple finished goods items or by-products.


   One Price for All Pricing Model

   Full Multi-Currency*

   SMS Marketing and Collections

   MS SQL 2008 R2 Database

   Copy Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders with full traceability

   Automatic Price List Updates

   Point of Sale with price embedded barcoding

   User-Friendly Graphical Interface

   Data Conversions from Other

Accounting Software

   Create Customer and Supplier

Requisitions, Quotes and Orders*

   Full General Ledger Account Security

   Manage Document Status Types*

   Google Maps Integration*

   Bookmarking of Documents*

   Buy and Sell using different Units of Measure to the unit of Stocking*

   Serial Number Tracking*

   Landed Additional Cost Invoices*

*Features available on selected versions

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